Smoking accessories - papers, tips, lighters, blunts etc.

Papers, filters, cigarette rolling machine, ashtrays, lighters - all that smokers need.

ROOR Slim Rice KSS papers

On stock
40 Kč

Description: ROOR Slim Rice KSS papers

Product code: ROOR5

Manufacturer: ROOR

Lighter BX7

On stock
10 Kč

Description: Lighter BX7

Product code: ZAP07

Metal tray Mushroom M

On stock
300 Kč

Description: Metal tray Mushroom M, 275x175x25mm

Product code: TR550420

Manufacturer: Black Leaf

Metal tray Mushroom S

On stock
200 Kč

Description: Metal tray Mushroom S, 180x140x16mm

Product code: TR550416

Manufacturer: Black Leaf

Metal tray Hempmaster XS

On stock
145 Kč

Description: Metal tray Black Leaf Hempmaster XS

Product code: TR550435

Manufacturer: Black Leaf

RAW Papercone KS

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5 Kč

Description: Papers RAW are 100 % unbleached ultra thin Papers, made from purest natural fibers. Paper is burning extremely slowly and very gently.

Product code: CONE

Manufacturer: RAW

Description: HAZYS filters contain high-quality activated coconut charcoal, which helps reduce the content of nicotine and other harmful substances. Diameter 8mm.

Product code: HAZYS

Tin ashtray RAW

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75 Kč

Description: Tin ashtray RAW

Product code: ASHRAW2

Manufacturer: RAW

Filters Jumbo Euro bills

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20 Kč

Description: Filters Jumbo Euro bills

Product code: EUROTIP

Manufacturer: Jumbo