Pipes made from glass, wood and metal. Various shapes and sizes.

Corn pipe small

On stock
50 Kč

Description: Corn pipe small

Product code: F359

Glass pipe 9 cm

On stock
35 Kč

Description: Coloured glass pipe 9 cm

Product code: SKL35

Water pipe Champ High

On stock
240 Kč

Description: Water pipe Champ High

Product code: 1241

Manufacturer: Champ High

Pipe wood carved

On stock
125 Kč

Description: Pipe wood carved 10 cm

Product code: FID27

Pipe wood classic

On stock
190 Kč

Description: Pipe wood classic 14 cm

Product code: FID500

Wooden pipe

On stock
110 Kč

Description: Wooden pipe 14 cm

Product code: FID610

Wooden pipe

On stock
125 Kč

Description: Wooden pipe 13 cm

Product code: FID70