Glass pipes
Glass pipes in different designs. Classic simple and more complicated and colorful. You can also find oil pipes.

Glass pipe rainbow

On stock
120 Kč

Description: Glass pipe rainbow

Product code: F226

Silicone pipe

On stock
108 Kč

Description: Silicone pipe

Product code: F194

Corn pipe small

On stock
50 Kč

Description: Corn pipe small

Product code: F359

Glass pipe 9 cm

On stock
35 Kč

Description: Coloured glass pipe 9 cm

Product code: SKL35

Water pipe Champ High

On stock
240 Kč

Description: Water pipe Champ High

Product code: 1241

Manufacturer: Champ High

Glass Hand Pipe mix

On stock
230 Kč

Description: Glass Hand Pipe mix

Product code: F990601

Manufacturer: Black Leaf

Glass pipe 8 cm

On stock
7 Kč

Description: Glass pipe 8 cm

Product code: SKL8