Boxes and stashes
Vacuum containers Tightvac, can and silicone boxes and shelves.


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30 Kč

Description: Box LOL

Product code: LOL

Box Oil Black Leaf 2x5ml

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65 Kč

Description: Box Oil Black Leaf 2x5ml

Product code: OBOX2x5

Manufacturer: Black Leaf

Tightvac 120ml, solid

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230 Kč

Description: Tightvac 120ml, solid

Product code: TV120N

Manufacturer: Tightvac

Tightvac 290ml, solid

On stock
295 Kč

Description: Tightvac 290ml, solid

Product code: TV290N

Manufacturer: Tightvac

Tightvac 1300ml, solid

On stock
420 Kč

Description: Tightvac 1300ml, solid

Product code: TV1300N

Manufacturer: Tightvac

Tightvac 2350ml, solid

On stock
560 Kč

Description: Tightvac 2350ml, solid

Product code: TV2350N

Manufacturer: Tightvac

Tightvac 570ml, solid

On stock
340 Kč

Description: Tightvac 570ml, solid

Product code: TV570N

Manufacturer: Tightvac

Tightvac 60ml, solid

On stock
185 Kč

Description: Tightvac 60ml, solid

Product code: TV60N

Manufacturer: Tightvac

TightVac with grinder

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350 Kč

Description: TightVac with grinder

Product code: TVG

Manufacturer: Tightvac

The Bulldog Saverette

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65 Kč

Description: The Bulldog Saverette

Product code: BULSAV

Manufacturer: The Bulldog

Click Clack box RAW

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90 Kč

Description: Click Clack tin RAW - pocket ashtray

Product code: RAWKLKL

Manufacturer: RAW