Glass bongs without percolator

Glass bongs in various designs without percolation.

We offer glass bongs of various brands: Boost, Cactus, Glassic, Psycho, Scorpion, Highline and others. Some have a glass thickness of only 3.5 mm, but you will also find pieces of 5 mm, 7 mm and more here. For example, Boost bongs are characterized by great strength and durability. Cheaper pieces have a one-piece chillum, but there are also bongs on offer, where the adapter and the bowl are separated, so it is possible to buy another bowl in a different design or precooler and thus actually change the appearance of the bong. This option features the Boost brand as well as the Highline.

Glass is a great material. You can easily clean it with various means. You can either use the original bong cleaner, or you can use isopropyl alcohol, or tablets in the dishwasher, or to clean dentures. There are more options because the glass is durable. Of course, care must be taken during handling and cleaning to avoid damage. It is the only disadvantage of glass - fragility.  

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