Glass bong SmoKing

On stock
1 080 Kč

Description: Glass bong SmoKing 45 cm

Product code: 1262

Glass bong Dreamliner

On stock
800 Kč

Description: Glass bong Dreamliner with plate percolator

Product code: 1189

Manufacturer: Dreamliner

Glass bong Playbong

Out of stock
1 700 Kč

Description: Glass bong Playbong with percolator

Product code: PB07

Water pipe Champ High

On stock
240 Kč

Description: Water pipe Champ High

Product code: 1241

Manufacturer: Champ High

Glass bong red

On stock
230 Kč

Description: Glass bong red

Product code: 3008

Metal chillum

On stock
80 Kč

Description: Metal chillum 8 cm

Product code: MCH8

Glass bong SmoKing

On stock
350 Kč

Description: Glass bong SmoKing 30 cm

Product code: 1234