Glass, acrylic bongs and accessories

Glass bongs with and without percolation, acrylic, wooden.    

Bongs from various manufacturers: Grace Glass, Black Leaf, Shark, Blaze, Highline, Boost, Cactus, Psycho and others. Wide range of different shapes and sizes. At you can also find various accessories - precoolers, adapters, bowls and much more.

Glass bong Red

On stock
720 Kč

Description: Glass bong Red

Product code: 1316

Glass bong Green

On stock
940 Kč

Description: Glass bong Green

Product code: 1314

Glass bong Blue

On stock
1 250 Kč

Description: Glass bong Blue

Product code: 1313

Glass Bong mini

On stock
180 Kč

Description: The little, inexpensive water pipe has a chillum with a funnel bowl and a kickhole.

Product code: 1001

Manufacturer: Black Leaf